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The tall towers of Tel Aviv, Israel's new cityscape

Les grandes tours de Tel Aviv, le nouveau paysage urbain d’Israël

Tours: Tel Aviv's New Cityscape

From the dawn of the third millennium and especially during the last decade, Israel has changed course on the evolution of its urban constructions, abandoning the small bohemian neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and other picturesque towns, to emerge in the center of the country buildings and futuristic towers.

This new aspect that has appeared in the most populous cities of the country (Bat-Yam, Rishon LeTsion), and in particular Tel Aviv, the economic heart of the state, begins to blur the historical tracks by taking on the air of Hong-Kong, the beach and more! We see more and more towers rising near the main arteries, as at the Meyer Tower and Rotschild 17, or the Lieber Tower, with real estate complexes to make Manhattan green. It is the same at the Arlozorov Tower 17 or the Frishman Tower, in other words each popular street in Tel Aviv now has its own tower, the new “place to be”, offering rentals or sales of apartments with unexpected design and size. The promise of this turnkey real estate dream has almost become unavoidable due to the shortage of land in the big cities, to build bigger and especially higher.

So will Israel join the international race to build the tallest skyscraper in the world, and compete with Dubai or Shanghai ? No one knows it yet. To date, there are a few residents who are already enjoying the joys of weightlessness in brand-new complexes like the Yoo Park Tsameret Tower or the Remez Tower, and tell themselves that their Aliya (climb) is quite successful!

According to the Jewish Agency's latest analyzes, some 50,000 Jews will make aliyah by the end of 2020, almost twice as many as in previous years. The Knesset called on the government to make the necessary preparations to absorb the new arrivals, confused by the coronavirus crisis that caused this patriotic surge.

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