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Real estate in Tel Aviv

L’immobilier à Tel Aviv

Real estate in Tel Aviv,

From the first individual houses to glass and aluminum towers, Tel Aviv has become in a century a showcase of modern architectural trends.

In Tel Aviv are handled cases for exorbitant amounts that can sometimes exceed the understanding. It is not a coincidence…

The second city of Israel symbolizes the boiling point of the real estate market, as well as the insatiable appetite of investors, young people who have influenced it, and residents from abroad.

It is not unknown that in Europe, for example in France, there is a policy of assistantship and a climate of insecurity. And for good reason, the recrudescence and the multiplication of antisemitic acts increase this feeling of insecurity and thus push the French, looking for a comfort of life, to expatriate themselves more and to make their Aliyah.

Tel Aviv, more than any other city has distinguished itself over the last ten years, by leaps in the price of apartments, a decline in the number of transactions, and even, in some sectors, a slight moderation of prices.
During this decade, the city of dynamic real estate market was and remains the vibrant heart of the most attractive regions, exerting its influence on the satellite cities and beyond, on all the coastal part.

All the reasons that made Tel Aviv attractive for years are still relevant, and have even increased, thanks to the many municipal investments in all areas, including the development of urban planning:

  • namely, the beautification and extension of the Tayelette between Tel Aviv, Bat Yam and Rishon,
  • the increase of green spaces - parks and gardens for children, but also parks specialized for the walk of the animals,
  • or the availability to the public of free sport spots on the seafront, all, aimed at the attractiveness of tourism.

Another element is added to this dynamic, and not least, the start of the Léger metro that will connect Tel Aviv and its suburbs close to each other.

As a reminder, the population of the White City is today the second of the state Israel, behind Jerusalem and before Haifa.
But in terms of urban agglomeration, Tel Aviv is the largest metropolis in the country. Statistical projections indicate that its population could exceed 4 million inhabitants by 2025!

On the real estate issue, there are few offers to satisfy the number of requests ... That's why the term constantly coming back on the local real estate market is "a pending demand", and that there is no true reason to lower prices in the near future ...

The Israeli real estate market is likely to be talked about, with transactions reaching heights for Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps ...

So, more than ever, it's time to invest in Tel Aviv with a serious partner who will do anything to satisfy you.

So if you want: buy, sell or rent in Tel Aviv, or elsewhere in Israel, do not wait any longer, contact Evenis Group 1st network of real estate agencies in Israel.

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