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Find and negotiate the right mortgage in Israel or France and heritage loans
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Do you want to carry out real estate transactions and are looking for the best financing strategy, the best loan and the best conditions?

We support you in your choice of mortgage loan, the most relevant and interesting according to your situation: choose the appropriate banking partner, the appropriate form of credit (type of loan, duration, amount of the contribution etc ...), and negotiate the financial conditions (rate, insurance etc ...) in order to always be very well placed in the market.

For this, we have developed privileged partnerships with real estate loan brokers established for many years in Israel and France, as well as with international private banks, in order to provide you with a preferential access to banking conditions offered by the largest Israeli and French banks in particular.

Dear French and French-speaking people, whether you want to buy a primary or secondary residence, or realize a rental investment in Israel, contact us!

By entrusting your financing file to a specialist who masters the inner workings, tricks and tricks of the trade in order to obtain a quality loan adapted to your needs and your project, you will avoid many complications and errors which can sometimes be very expensive ...

Do not approach this project without a privileged interlocutor who will defend your interests and save you a lot of time and money.

The stages of financing

  • Analyze the feasibility of your project, and your financing needs
  • Determine the amount of your possible personal contribution, the amount to borrow, the possible mortgages, the duration of the loan according to your monthly repayment capacity
  • Choose to borrow in Israel or France, or use a heritage loan, depending on your financial situation
  • Select the bank that offers the best rates and conditions and the offer most suited to your project and negotiate these conditions for you
  • Choose the type of loan: Floating rate or fixed, currency etc ...
  • Choose insurance according to the project: who to insure and with what guarantees?
  • Support you in all the administrative procedures related to this financing

Some general information about loans to buy in Israel:

Credit in Israel:

- A French resident must in principle bring 50% for a real estate purchase in Israel. Under certain conditions, it is possible to find solutions to limit the constraints of this rule.

- An Israeli resident should in principle bring 25% to 30% for a first real estate purchase in Israel.

- Israeli banks take French income into account when lending.

Credit in France for French residents:

- French banks need to take a guarantee on French property (mortgage) when they lend for a purchase in Israel. It is generally also necessary to be able to prove a significant heritage to reassure these banks.

- Very interesting asset financing solutions exist when the borrower has significant assets in France. These solutions are sometimes very interesting for raising money from banks and offer opportunities to think about: mortgage loan, assignment to a family SCI, assignment of temporary usufruct, etc ...

Good loan conditions can significantly improve the profitability of a long-term real estate transaction. It is therefore fundamental, during an acquisition, to provide particular care in choosing the loan and negotiating its conditions.

Evenis Group as well as its partner JWM and its team support you in this choice and in this negotiation in order to guarantee you quality loan conditions, allowing you to efficiently optimize your real estate transactions ”.

Our agency also offers a property management service for your next property in Israel to give you the best rental potential for your property.
This solution has been proven, it is perfect for non-Israeli residents wishing to capitalize in the Promised Land.

need a French speaking partner concerning a loan for a real estate purchase in Israel?


Evenis Group as well as his partner JWM and his team support you in this choice and in this negotiation in order to guarantee you quality loan conditions, allowing you to efficiently optimize your real estate transactions ”.

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