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Warm waves of the Mediterranean and white sandy beaches under blue skies most of the year, no wonder Alyah applicants, temporary residents and investors are looking to buy in israel ! The coveted cities of the start-up nation have understood that each real estate project puts applicants for the purchase in a trance, because each redoubles its services, each more luxurious than the other.   

When you think of life in luxury apartment, house or villa, what comes to your mind? For many, this choice means first of all having an extraordinary space, with gigantic volume and bay windows offering, for example, a breathtaking view of the sea on the first line. Herbert Samuel in Tel Aviv. But do you know that investing in a exceptional property can in the long run save money? Starting with the geographical location which is decisive and often makes it possible to do without a car by having shops and restaurants nearby, or even better to have your feet in the water and thus save on vacation budgets! Certainly in the category luxury real estate sale, prices reach peaks, but in terms of investment, the capital gain can also pay off big because the trend is not downward on this type of property.  

In Israel's most desirable cities, such as Tel Aviv whose Ramat Aviv and Yafo, Netanya, HerzliyaKfar Shemaryahu, Ramat Gan or Cesareathe prices are the subject of an indecent bidding but luxury is at the rendezvous in these standing towers built like fortresses: caretaker to whom you have to show your white paw to enter, surveillance cameras, fitness center permanently open, private or inherent swimming pool, spas and jacuzzi, and any other service available or on ordered. 

The notion of luxury is still recent in Israel but the promoters quickly captured the interest of personalities always eager toluxury apartments and symbolic places to mark their difference. This is particularly the case of Kourtney Kardashian, whose husband Scott Disick was ready to pay $6 million for a penthouse in Tel Aviv, or Madonna who took the plunge, offering herself the top floor of a skyscraper. sky in the white city, in the amount of $20 million. But the one who broke the record is the Israeli-Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich who bought a mansion in Herzliya, for the sum of $65 million, the most expensive transaction in the country, as well as a land of 1500 m² in Neve Tsedek.    

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