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Target 2020: Buy in Israel

Objectif 2020 : Acheter en Israël

The Jewish Agency reports that there was a 50% increase in Aliyah's claims in the United States during the coronavirus crisis and estimates that there will be a 30% global growth in immigration over the next two years. At the same time, around 75,000 Israelis returned home in March and April after a long stay abroad, the Interior Ministry reported. Even though this percentage continues to grow, it is a drop in the ocean when you consider that there are over 14 million Diaspora Jews eligible for immigration under of the law of return.

So to guarantee the future of Jewish people in the diaspora, The government has just adopted a strategic plan through a government resolution based on the recommendations of a special committee created for this purpose in January 2019 by the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, to examine the link between Israel and Jewish communities around the world and how the State of Israel can help strengthen Jewish identity in its Diaspora. These measures are not trivial in a period when virus and anti-Semitism do not mix well and the acceleration of the Jews of France to want to settle in Israel is no accident.

A place in Israel, a place in the sun

But it is in real estate that the cards are reshuffled and buy real estate in Israel is not a neutral choice and can in no way be compared to buying an apartment in France, Italy or Spain, for many reasons.

With 22,145 km2, Israel is a tiny state and although real estate projects are flourishing in most of the densely populated cities (Tel Aviv, Rishon Letsion, Bat-Yam, Ramat Gan, Ashdod, Netanya, Herzliyah, Eilat), the territory is not elastic… So let's face it, there won't be something for everyone! We build high brand new towers because land is scarce, and acquiring a place to live even in the old and however small it is, is a way for each inhabitant to enter into the sacred history of this country and to be proud of it.

The time is right to acquire a good and delaying this decision will not be to the advantage of the hesitant and all those who imagine that buying in Israel remains an expensive process. But do they know that to live in Israel is to live in summer 10 out of 12 months, it is to live an hour from the mountain and 5 minutes from the beach, it is to participate in the development of the nation and to embrace a unjustly criticized cause, it is to be amazed by so many historical sites that history itself loses the thread, it is to have a capital cradle of all civilizations, it is to live in the only democracy in the Middle East, it is to be proud of its army and its defense policy. So yes, living in the Holy Land has a price but these days, know that this tiny state is the only bulwark against an anti-Semitism that is re-emerging across the world and for Israel, security is priceless.


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