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The benefits of property management

Les avantages de la gestion de biens

A real estate investment is not made lightly, it is for the owner the fruit of a long research, reflection but also of an important financial act.

It is well known that managing your home is a step that requires time, attention but also recent and specialized knowledge of current regulations and techniques related to the real estate world.

Rental management is the best solution if the owner lives far from the housing he / she wants to rent or if the owner has a large number of properties; not to mention the language barrier.

Indeed, the owners are generally able to the fact of the real estate market, the steps inherent in the rental of a property, so it calls for specific knowledge and techniques.

Expertise to ensure better management

By calling on professionals to manage his property, an owner will be helped  to fix the rent at the market price but also to maximize the rental potential according to the benchmarks of the market, supply and demand.

In addition, rental management professionals will, if necessary, suggest work or a new development with compensation for rent or a higher sale price. With this an owner can take advice from his property manager regarding tax issues, benefits, insurance and expense calculation.

As for the benefits, the real estate agency that deals with the management of your property can, if necessary, manage the housing repairs. Indeed, a lease management mandate allows the real estate agency to mandate contractors to go on the premises, make an estimate and carry out repairs.


An ideal solution for homeowners

The remuneration of a property manager corresponds to one month's rent during the year.

This includes:

  • Follow-up by email
  • Reports of visits
  • Collection of rents, rental charges and security deposits
  • Indexation of rents
  • Notice of expiry, rent receipts and reminders
  • An intranet account specially designed for the owner to follow the inventory of real estate assets in real time management, important information about the property, legislative and tax developments and neighborhood developments

Balance sheet


Evenis Group is in charge of the research, selection and exchanges with the tenant.


Evenis Group is in charge of rental and administrative management (cashing checks, repairs etc.)

Time saving

Evenis Group takes care of all the obligations related to the rental

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