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Tel Aviv: an extraordinary way of life!

Tel Aviv : un art de vivre hors normes !

When you decide to settle in Israel, the question of choosing the city arises quite quickly. As small as the State of Israel is, there are no less than ten cities, such as Jerusalem, Haifa, Netanya, Ashdod, Eilat, Herzliya, Raanana, Bat Yam, Ramat Gan, which obtain the votes of families wanting to acquire real estate in the Holy Land, but none rivals the unconquerable Tel Aviv.

The White City

Founded in 1909, Tel Aviv emerged from the sand dunes on the Yafo side to become the first modern Hebrew city a hundred years later. Many architects trained at the school of art and design in Europe have reproduced the famous German current Bauhaus, which made it famous and whose clean-lined white buildings have earned it the nickname of Ville Blanche. The successive waves of immigration have made the city evolve and have blown a wind of inspiration in each district, bringing their share of culture and tradition. Its impressive architectural evolution makes other more conservative cities in the country pale, and the many glass towers growing in the middle of preserved neighborhoods set the tone for the direction the city is taking in terms of architecture.

Declared a World Heritage SiteUNESCO in 2004 Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting cities in the world, it can be crossed on foot or by bike in a few minutes and be dazzled by the diversity of its neighborhoods, offering their share of ambiance, styles and population. It is not for nothing that the New York Times has voted the city "Mediterranean capital" thanks to its lively nightlife and avant-garde culinary scene, served by its white sandy beaches, one of them. it is even reserved for owners and their dogs!

The place to be!

Tel Aviv, the economic heart of the country, combines both culture and history from north to south with a technological scene known around the world for its cutting-edge innovation. The city is evolving and growing at a dizzying pace and a growing number of large international companies have their offices to be as close as possible to the development centers of the Israeli start-ups, which explodes the demand for real estate. So bubble or not, the infrastructures and the projects follow one another to make benefit from this exceptional place all those who remain amazed by so much eclecticism and dynamism per square meter.

Tel Aviv neighborhoods: a tough choice

Tel Aviv has the wealth to display all of its history from one neighborhood to another. This is why many people want to invest in the most popular places, even if the prices are soaring. Of Ramat Aviv at Jaffa, the real estate contrast is in the image of the population who from north to south and according to their lifestyle will prefer the "so chic" side of Kikar Hamedina or from Rothschild, to the effervescence of Dizengoff or from Ben yehuda, or the picturesque charm of the pedestrian streets of Nahalat Benyamin and its market, without forgetting Neve tzedek, which lines the streets of Florentine, new hip and bohemian place in the city. Buying real estate in Tel Aviv is a guarantee of investment because the smallest studio, even badly placed, will always be more profitable than an apartment bought in another city. And yes, belonging to the telavivi community has a price!     

Living in Israel is considered a blessing for all those who sooner or later decide to make their Alyah, but living in Tel Aviv is choosing an art of living above the standards, which is why the city remains apart. on the geographical spectrum of the country.

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