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Since 1975 there have been rules in Israel requiring the resistance of new buildings against earthquakes.

The government has therefore decided to act to reinforce the foundations of the old buildings with a vast renovation project and in reality, real estate development within the very agglomerations: the TAMA38.

In Hebrew, "Tama" corresponds to the initials of the terms «Tohnit Hamétaer Haartsit lehizouk Mivnim Kayamim Bifne Reidot Adama", In French:" National plan for the strengthening of existing buildings against earthquakes ".

Indeed, the Tama 38 is the land development plan drawn up by the State of Israel in 2005, by which all buildings dating from before 1980 and meeting certain criteria of fragility are encouraged to undertake serious renovation work. strengthening and consolidation.

This program is therefore designed to prevent the collapse of these buildings in the event of an earthquake in the country.

Tama 38/1 and Tama 38/2 what difference?

There are two types of programs: Tama 38/1 and the Tama 38/2.

The Tama 38/1 consists in reinforcing the structure, improving the facade, adding a shelter, an elevator, a terrace and more, according to the contractual conditions established between the owners and the promoters and in adequacy with the authorizations delivered by the Town hall .

The second, the Tama 38/2, corresponds to the demolition of the existing structure and to building a new structure instead: also called the Pinouy Binouy; regulation which consists in razing the building, rehousing the co-owners during the construction site at the promoter's expense, and returning to them at the end a new, new and larger apartment in the reconstructed building.

What are the advantages of the Tama 38?

There are many advantages with the implementation of the Tama38.

There is an economic interest because it is undeniable that in this type of transaction, the value of an apartment in a dilapidated building which has become new can take from 15% to 30% on delivery.

According to the contractual conditions, residents gain space and benefits.

  • For example, they can benefit a cellar, allowing them to avoid clutter and waste of space in the apartment, thanks to an accessible and efficient storage area.
  • As well, green space, a garden and shaded play areas for their well-being and that of the children.
  • Residents earn in renovation and improvement of facades of the building, for a clean, invigorated appearance adapted to their environment.
  • Solutions from parking are most of the time proposed and adapted to the terrain.
  • From a new modern entrance hall, adding practical and welcoming access roads.
  • From a boomker : protected living space (watertight room) meeting all the requirements of the standards and those of the civil protection command.
  • Of a spacious sunny terrace and functional to increase the surface area of the apartment.
  • From an increase in surface of the apartment. A modern elevator and standards.
  • Finally, residents benefit from a building consolidation according to the strictest building standards and certifications.

Investing in real estate in Israel

Exemples de Tama 38 en Israel

As you will understand, investing in a Tama 38 is a good deal in view of all the advantages that benefit owners and future buyers.

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