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Comment Enregistrer la Arnona à Tel Aviv ?

How to Register Arnona in Tel Aviv?

Bonjour, je suis Benjamin de l’agence immobilière EVENIS GROUP ! Je vais vous apprendre comment enregistrer en ligne votre Arnona, à la mairie de Tel Aviv ! Munissez-vous de ces documents pour commencer : Une copie complète de votre contrat de location , signée par les 2 parties ( locataire et propriétaire ). Une copie […]

Tel Aviv : un art de vivre hors normes !

Tel Aviv: an extraordinary way of life!

When you decide to settle in Israel, the question of choosing the city arises quite quickly. As small as the State of Israel is, there are no less than ten cities, such as Jerusalem, Haifa, Netanya, Ashdod, Eilat, Herzliya, Raanana, Bat Yam, Ramat Gan, which obtain the votes of families wishing to acquire a property […]

Objectif 2020 : Acheter en Israël

Target 2020: Buy in Israel

The Jewish Agency reports that there was a 50% increase in Aliyah's claims in the United States during the coronavirus crisis and estimates that there will be a 30% global growth in immigration over the next two years. At the same time, some 75,000 Israelis returned home in March and April after […]

L’agence immobilière : un partenaire indispensable en Israël

The real estate agency: an indispensable partner in Israel

One of the important moments in the life of an Israeli is certainly when he becomes an owner. Accessing that little part of the dream of owning your own apartment or a house with a swimming pool is part of the logical path of a successful ascent to the holy land. What does a real estate agency bring to Israel? For […]

Les grandes tours de Tel Aviv, le nouveau paysage urbain d’Israël

The tall towers of Tel Aviv, Israel's new cityscape

Towers: the new urban landscape of Tel Aviv From the dawn of the third millennium and especially during the last decade, Israel has changed course on the evolution of its urban constructions, abandoning the small bohemian districts of Tel Aviv and others. picturesque villages, to bring out futuristic buildings and towers in the center of the country. […]

Comment pourrait réagir le marché immobilier en Israël pendant et après le COVID-19 ?

How could the real estate market in Israel react during and after COVID-19?

This article is a collection of arguments put forward by different analysts of the real estate market in Israel. The future will tell us if their reasoning was right and realistic, but in the meantime, this gives food for thought. Since the realization of Mr KAHLON's Project, “Meh'ir Lémichtaken” (acquisition aid for young first-time couples), the increase in taxes for […]

Pourquoi faut-il investir dans l’immobilier en Israël sans plus attendre ?

Why invest in real estate in Israel without delay?

Despite persistent rumors of falling prices in real estate in Israel everything seems to lead to a new price surge in a very short time. Many newspapers provide shocking articles in the direction of lower prices (see our previous posts in our blog), as well as measures taken by the [...]

 »Tel Aviv : Pas d’augmentation de la taxe d’habitation pour les appartements Airbnb !  »

 Tel Aviv: No increase in housing tax for Airbnb apartments! "

The Tel Aviv municipality's offensive against Airbnb-type seasonal rentals has failed. "There was talk of an increase far greater than the rates in force in housing tax." The Interior Ministry rejected the tariff grid of the city hall of Tel Aviv for 2019 providing for a significant increase in the acquisition tax for […]

Notre Guide TAMA 38

Our Guide TAMA 38

Since 1975, there have been rules in Israel requiring the resistance of new buildings against earthquakes. The government has therefore decided to act to reinforce the foundations of the old buildings with a vast renovation project and in reality, real estate development within the very agglomerations: the TAMA38. In Hebrew, "Tama" corresponds to […]

L’immobilier à Tel Aviv

Real estate in Tel Aviv

Real Estate in Tel Aviv, From the first individual houses to glass and aluminum towers, Tel Aviv has become in a century a showcase of modern architectural trends. In Tel Aviv are handled cases for exorbitant amounts that can sometimes exceed the understanding. This is not a coincidence ... The second city of Israel symbolizes the degree of boiling reached [...]

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