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Eco-friendly timber frame houses in Israel

Evenis Group presents GlamHouse
Californian design by Daniel Siboni

* All our models are delivered with all the amenities, kitchen, shower, dressing room.

Israel, future world leader in ecological construction (ISRAEL 2040 Project)

  • Luxury Guest House.
  • Main house.
  • Second home.
  • Rental investment (buy and rent one or two studios in your garden).
  • External outbuilding for garden level owners or Penthouses with large terraces or owners of property with adequate gardens / land, guest bedroom, separate office, additional room.
  • Sports room, game room, artist's studio, extension, garden annex, modern wooden garden sheds, pool house, student room, garden loft.

We carry out your wooden frame construction projects, including natural insulation, with optimized spaces, adapted to your well-being.

Daniel Siboni, Designer and interior designer of Californian-inspired luxury Guest Houses. 10 years of experience and know-how in Los Angeles. Artistic Director, Art Designer and curator of the new Link Hotel & Hub line of Groupe Dan, design of open spaces, live music clubs and private houses in Israel. Art director of the Warner Bros. 80 years Batman event in Tel Aviv 2020, creator of the Art Factory in Florentine.

Israeli Start Up 100 % Passive, ecological, recyclable, high tech houses. In total respect for nature.

Construction on demand according to our basic models - Malibu - Palm Spring - Pacific Palissade - design by Daniel Siboni and carried out by our teams of professionals for precision and speed of assembly.
OECD approved materials with finishes of high quality ECOLABEL

Our Best Of Models:

Our models are of Californian inspiration, We benefit from 10 years of experience in design and artistic direction. As well as a solid network of privileged partners.

MALIBU Loft-2 rooms 30m2 to 70 m2 from 160,000 Shekels - 2 months of construction

PALM SPRING 3-4 rooms 70 m2 to 140 m2 Price from 330,000 to 550,000 Shekels - 3 to 4 months of construction

PACIFIC PALISSADE 2-3 rooms 70 m2 to 100 m2 Price from 280,000 to 380,000 Shekels - 3 to 4 months of construction

* All our models are delivered with all the amenities, kitchen, shower, dressing room.

* All our models are delivered with all the amenities, kitchen, shower, dressing room.

Catalog prices 2020 - Excluding Taxes, Building permits, Mamad.

Options: High-end kitchen, Hemp insulation, Air conditioning, Solar panels, Electrical connection, Water connection, Terrace Floor, Swimming pool, Green wall, Heating stove, Home Cinema…
A 100% treated wood frame design allowing a high-end house annex in the garden.

Construction from 2 months to 4 months once the ground has been prepared and the foundations completed, the assembly of the GlamHouse can then begin:

Step 1: Assembly of the framework, waterproofing, carpentry.

2nd step: External insulation (thermal and acoustic comfort) and OSB cladding Classified M3.

Step 3: Electrical installation, plumbing, shower, WC, kitchen and air conditioning, (+ options).

Step 4: Interior finish loft type.

Life Style Ecologique Glamour Accessible Rapide Eco Durable Original Israeli.

Concept - LifeStyle - Nature - Ecology

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